Sebastiano Galazzo

Artificial intelligence researcher and proud dad

Winner of two AI awards, I’ve been working in AI and machine learning for 25 years, designing and developing AI and computer graphic algorithms.

I’m very passionate about AI, focusing on Audio, Image and Natural Language Processing, and predictive analysis as well.
I received several national and international awards, that recognizes my work and contributions in these areas.

Microsoft MVP for Artificial Intelligence Category, I have the pleasure of being a guest speaker in national and international events.

- Microsoft Ignite Tour
- Microsoft Build Insider Dev Tour
- Microsoft MVP Summit, Seattle - US
- QT Conference Berlin, Germany
- EMEA AI Saturday University of Pordenone, Italy
- EMEA C++ Conference Modena, Italy
- EMEA conferences talking about A.I.
- and more...

Past sessions:

GPT-x, is it really worth it?

GPT-x, is it really worth it?

GPT, the state of the art for NLP and NLG. People go crazy in front of the...

Sebastiano Galazzo Sebastiano Galazzo